Website creation

The product Web MINI are website, which are suitable primarily for small firms (small businessman). The product is convenient for pages that do not require frequent updates and the information on the website is more or less permanent.

Website has about 1-3 pages and it is used for company introduction, offers, price list and contact information (contact form, sitemap).

The basic package Web MINI includes?

  • Installation of the Content Management System
  • Authentic design (Web Template, graphic design)
  • Search Engine Optimisation – tha basics (clean URL, key words, web description)
  • Content website filling (texts, pictures)
  • Contact form, sitemap

The price of Web MINI package depends on the complicatedness of the used graphic template and on the customer’s demand on the content. Webhosting and domain costs are charged by the relevant provider.

Interested in Web MINI